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June Issue 2019



Health Biz Insight's Bold Step - conducts India's 1st Conference for Women in Healthcare

Dr. Kiran Bedi, Hon'ble Lt. Governor, Puducherry delivered the Keynote Address

Women's Healthcare World, an event organised by Health Biz Insight magazine, saw participation from more than 120 industry experts, who deliberated on topics like why do women get paid less, sexual harassment, tackling gender bias, change in men's attitude, and more.
Fiery discussions, strong opinions, open and hearty interactions between delegates and speakers – all formed the crux of the event

May 10, 2019 - New Delhi: India's 1st conference for Women in the Healthcare Industry was organised by India's leading healthcare business magazine, Health Biz Insight on 10th May 2019.
The theme of the event was Women Strength and Empowerment.
Jayata Sharma, Founder, Women's Healthcare World & Health Biz Insight, says, "The idea had been in our minds since a while. It was only a matter of getting it all together with the support of the industry. Over the years, we have seen a visible crunch of women leaders. They start the careers but somewhere mid-way, drop out. In fact, statistics say that around 45-50% workforce is women in the healthcare industry (it goes up to 65% in hospitals specifically). From this, roughly 2% are able to reach the top. To find the he "why" to this and come up with solutions, we launched this initiative."

The event was a well-attended gathering of more than 120 key industry people. With a confluence of almost 20 renowned speakers.

Dr. Kiran Bedi, Hon'ble Lt. Governor, Puducherry delivered the Keynote Address. She mentioned how important is the 90% below the face but how people only concentrate on external beauty of 10%. She said that health of mind, body and soul is extremely important. Plus, your life partner's mental health is as vital as your own.
While industry speakers from leading players like Medanta, Max Healthcare, Columbia Asia, Hinduja Hospital, Centre for Sight, Deloitte, Sancheti Group, Rainbow IVF, CORE Diagnostics, Boston Scientific India, Gold's Gym, BD India, Aakash Healthcare, BeyonDiversity Foundation, Oncquest Laboratories and Cooper Surgical, were present at the event.

The event saw participation of delegates from more than 100 healthcare organisations!

Health Biz Insight magazine also paid a tribute to Dr. Sanjiv Malik, who had passed away on the same date as the event. He was a well-known industry expert, lastassociated with the DM group as the Senior Vice President & CEO (Hospitals and Medical Centres) GCC. Previously, he was associated with M.M.R. Eye Institute and Laser Center (Delhi) India, Max healthcare, Anand & anand and other such reputed organisations.
His daughter and wife were present at the event and were overwhelmed at the thought and mentioned how he still continues to make them smile and live to the fullest.

The first panel's theme was "Unleash Your Power - Overcoming the stereotype barriers – taking your career ahead". Mr. Pavan Choudary was the Chairman/Moderator (CEO, Author, Coach), he is the Director General, Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI). While the panellists deliberated on topics like younger women being taken for granted at leadership roles and how a tender balance between appearing harsh or too soft has to be taken by women at work. It also discussed aspects like why is it that men say they "contribute" to house work, when the house and the children, both are a couple's responsibility.
Dr. Shubnum Singh (Director, Medical Education, Medical Research & Advisor Healthcare Framework, Max Healthcare Institute) explained how she has overcome barriers in her long career; while Ms. Manisha Kumar (General Manager, Columbia Asia Hospital – Sarjapur Road (Bangalore) mentioned the challenges of leading a team of older men and women at work. Sarika Bhattacharyya (CEO, BeyonDiversity) mentioned how her foundation works towards getting women back in the system.

The second panel was called - Fight Those Challenges and discussed managing expectations, working with male colleagues/subordinates, fighting sexual harassment, time management, and more. Ms. Charu Sehgal was the Chairman/Moderator (National Leader, Life Sciences and Healthcare Vertical & Head - Strategy & Operations Consulting Practice, Deloitte India). The panellists were Ms. Manisha Sanghavi (Executive Director, Sancheti Group), Dr. Ritika Sachdev (Additional Director-Medical Services, Centre for Sight), Dr. Pooja Sharma (Senior Scientist and Head, Medanta Institute of Education and Research), Dr. Suganthi Iyer (Dy. Director, PD Hinduja Hospital), and Dr. Narendra Malhotra (Managing Director, Rainbow IVF), who spoke on the change needed in men's mindsets as well.

The Open Talk by Zoya Brar (Founder, Core Diagnostics) was next and how women have to deal with other's as well as own expectations and mindsets, formed the basis of this conversation. Peg of the Talk - Empowerment comes from discussing difficult aspects of life, and confronting them – without fear of judgement.
The discussion kindled a spark in the audience as people started strongly opposing how women should not leave their career for other matters of life. The fiery session dealt with the nuances of managing work and life and family and how the partners should in India do not usually have an equal role in all the work and how women end up burdening themselves and put their wishes and wants on the backburner.

The fourth panel was called A Smarter Life and had Ms. Shubhra Thakur as the Chairman/Moderator (Head-Health Economics and Government Affairs, Boston Scientific India; Co-Chair-Health Economics, Outcomes Research and Pricing Subgroup, Advamed; C-chair-Skill Building Committee, MTaI). The section was a very informative one where Managing your emotional quotient was a topic spoken on by Dr. Nandita Chakraborty (Co-founder, Conversations & More), while Fitness & Nutrition on the Go (How to stay fit & healthy in a hectic lifestyle with less time for self-maintenance) was the topic of choice by Ms. Shraddha Sheth (VP Sales, Operations & Marketing, Gold's Gym India); she explained with exercise videos how one can stay fit in a shorter time and stressed on how food forms the center point of our lives!
Effective daily business communications was yet another subject covered brilliantly by Ms. Sushmita Bandopadhyay (Communications Leader, Becton, Dickinson & Co. (BD) India).

The fifth and final panel was the Big Debate on Parity. It covered points like Tackling pay parity, Preferential treatment, More favourable policies requirement, Ensuring jobs during pregnancy. Dr. Aashish Chaudhry (Managing Director, Aakash Healthcare) spoke about how he ensures parity at work in his organisation. While Dr. Ravi Gaur (COO & Lab Director, Oncquest Laboratories) mentioned parity gap is slowly closing on the industry and in the next few years, will totally be at par. Shipra Thukral, Marketing Head, Origio India Pvt. Ltd., A CooperSurgical Company, shared a positive side to this and mentioned she has witnessed many organisations paying and treating women at par and that's a good sign for the future.
The entire event was filled with fun games and prizes like Rs. 50,000 vouchers from Kairali Ayurveda, gym memberships from Gold's Gym, and goodie bags from Jiva Ayurveda.
The event was sponsored by industry players like Apollo, Aakash Healthcare, Dr Lal Path Labs, Columbia Asia, Centre for Sight, Cooper Surgical, Manipal Hospitals, and Yashoda Superspeciality Hospitals.

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