Future of Genetics & Genomics in India – How are the next 5 years looking?

Genetics and Genomics, though perceived to be same, have a vast difference and are classified differently as well. While genetics is the study of an individual gene, genetic variation and heredity, genomics is the science of studying human genes to understand the likelihood or risk of an individual towards a disease. Numerous recent advancements in […]

Indian IVF market has grown more than 15% in the last 5 years – Dr. Amit Bhatnagar, Country GM, CooperSurgicals

As per the World Population Prospects 2017, the fertility rate of Indians reduced by over 50% from 4.97 during 1975-80 to 2.3 for 2015-20 By: Jayata Sharma The fertility and the genomics industries are both upcoming fields in India. With the rising concerns over dip in fertility levels & the growing spending capacity of the […]

Awareness is Key for Surviving

In USA, there are 234,087 new breast cancer cases annually with 41,904 (17.9%) deaths while in India there are 162,468 new cases annually with 87,090 (53.6%) deaths By: Dr. Shilpa Lad India is a large, populous, and diverse nation and is home to 17% of the world’s population (1.37 billion). Cancer is the second leading […]

Is India ready to use its own genome database?

The IndiGen Genome Project is a government-funded exercise to create a genome database for India By: Neelam Jhangiani For the first time ever, a gene database just for Indians has been developed by sequencing more than 1000 individuals from diverse ethnicities. The IndiGen Genome Project, is a government-funded exercise to create a genome database for India. This indigenous genetic mapping might improve our ability to diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases specific to the Indian population […]

Recognising the early signs to take preventive steps

Raising the awareness bar on breast cancer detection techniques By: Dr. Mukta Mahajan India is experiencing an unprecedented rise in the number of breast cancer cases across all sections of society, accounting for 27% of all cancers in women, less than 10% of which are inherited. India also has far lower survival rates of 66.1% […]

Amanat Holdings assessing stake in VPS Healthcare

Amanat Holdings, an investment company with interests in healthcare and education, announced that it is assessing a potential acquisition of a strategic stake in the Middle East operations of VPS Healthcare. Established in 2007 and founded by Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, VPS Healthcare is an integrated private healthcare service provider in the UAE with a growing foothold […]