Future of Genetics & Genomics in India – How are the next 5 years looking?


Genetics and Genomics, though perceived to be same, have a vast difference and are classified differently as well. While genetics is the study of an individual gene, genetic variation and heredity, genomics is the science of studying human genes to understand the likelihood or risk of an individual towards a disease. Numerous recent advancements in genetic technology and human genome research have made it certain that both genetics and genomics will become increasingly vital for improved healthcare infrastructure and enhanced patient outcomes in the future.

By: Neelam Jhangiani


  1. Wonderful insight on future genomics and India’s readiness to upcoming challenges. India is a country with different trait of genomics so identifying the different traits and record a data for future need is most essential. I would really appreciate if Laboratories in India has already started storing them and have strong plan with this to overcome future challenges.
    Clinicians hardly can anything without proper genetic signature of patient ,although targeted therapies are available and it will be more cheaper once new regulation comes. But it would remain a challenge if we cant able to justify with the data in a proper manner.

    Dhrubajyoti Bandyopadhyay

  2. Excellent coverage by some of the stalwarts of the Industry ! Genetics & Genomics in its current avatar needs to be cared & grown to get the best out of it. Couple of challenges include high cost & the availability of data in relevance to the Indian population. Models based on PPP to cover translational research, sharing of data could be looked at. Govt subsidies on tests such as BRCA testing which actually has the potential to reduce the cancer burden & the related costs on the exchequer should be explored.


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